September 2, 2015

About Us

Our mission is to prevent animals from being abandoned or surrendered due to financial crisis. We believe in providing temporary assistance to those families affected by unemployment, chronic illness, and to seniors on fixed incomes. Unconditional love and companionship is what we all need in times of hopelessness, need and uncertainty. That is exactly what our pets provide: hope.

Some people think that people who fight for animals every day, are crazy. We think they are heroes.


Photo by Ferrucci FUR-tography


Treasured family pets are being left hungry, homeless and abandoned. The Republic Paw Pantry’s assistance program is aimed at helping families get the food and supplies needed to keep pets in their homes.  Pets are not disposable, they are family.

Our program is based on donations by businesses, the public, and fundraising events.



Who do we help?

Animals – by keeping them in their homes and out of shelters

People – by helping them keep the pets they love

The community – by reducing strain on government resources and saving ‘re-homing’ expense by shelters and rescues

black dog

Photo by Ferrucci FUR-tography

We provide up to 3 months’ food and supplies (if available) to give the family time to get back on their feet. Food and supplies are donated by individuals or businesses; in some cases purchased with funds from fundraising events. This means we may not be able to match preferred brands. If a family has a pet with special food needs, they should specify on their application and we will try to address the need if we can. Otherwise we give the food that we have.

Who are we?

We are animal lovers and all volunteers. We have no paid staff so we are not always available during ‘normal business hours.’ We try to be responsive as we can but please understand and be patient should you call us. If you have computer access, you may get a quicker response by sending an email to

Please contact us with any additional questions.